Contribution of direct electron transfer mechanisms to overall electron transfer in microbial fuel cells utilising Shewanella oneidensis as biocatalyst

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Fapetu, S.A. ; Keshavarz, T. ; Clements, M.O. ; Kyazze, G. (2016)

Objectives To investigate the contribution of direct electron transfer mechanisms to electricity production in microbial fuel cells by physically retaining Shewanella oneidensis cells close to or away from the anode electrode. Results A maximum power output of 114 ± 6 mWm−2 was obtained when cells were retained close to the anode using a dialysis membrane. This was 3.5 times more than when the cells were separated away from the anode. Without the membrane the maximum power output was 129 ± 6 mWm−2. The direct mechanisms of electron transfer contributed significantly to overall electron transfer from S. oneidensis to electrodes, a result that was corroborated by another experiment where S. oneidensis cells were entrapped in alginate gels. Conclusion S. oneidensis transfers electrons primarily by direct electron transfer as opposed to mediated electron transfer.
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