Intelligent laser scanning for computer aided manufacture.

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Denby, AJ (2006)

Reverse engineering requires the acquisition of large amounts of data describing the surface of an object, sufficient to replicate that object accurately using appropriate fabrication techniques. This is important within a wide range of commercial and scientific fields where CAD models may be unavailable for parts that must be duplicated or modified, or where a physical model is used as a prototype. The three-dimensional digitisation of objects is an essential first step in reverse engineering. Optical triangulation laser sensors are one of the most popular and common non-contact methods used in the data acquisition process today. They provide the means for high resolution scanning of complex objects. Multiple scans of the object are usually required to capture the full 3D profile of the object. A number of factors, including scan resolution, system optics and the precision of the mechanical parts comprising the system may affect the accuracy of the process. A single perspective optical triangulation sensor provides an inexpensive method for the acquisition of 3D range image data.
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