Ethical and Social Challenges with developing Automated Methods to Detect and Warn potential victims of Mass-marketing Fraud (MMF)

Conference object, Unknown English OPEN
Whitty, M. ; Edwards, M. ; Levi, M. ; Peersman, C. ; Rashid, A. ; Sasse, M. A. ; Sorell, T. ; Stringhini, G. (2017)
  • Publisher: International Workshop on Computational Methods for CyberSafety (CYBERSAFETY)
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.1145/3041021.3053891
  • Subject: BF | ACM proceedings, mass-marketing fraud, online scams, cybercrime, cybersafety | T1 | B1

Mass-marketing frauds (MMFs) are on the increase. Given the amount of monies lost and the psychological impact of MMFs there is an urgent need to develop new and effective methods to prevent more of these crimes. This paper reports the early planning of automated methods our interdisciplinary team are developing to prevent and detect MMF. Importantly, the paper presents the ethical and social constraints involved in such a model and suggests concerns others might also consider when developing automated systems.
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