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P2X Receptors: Epithelial Ion Channels and Regulators of Salt and Water Transport

Scott S.P. Wildman; Brian F. King;
Open Access English
  • Published: 01 Apr 2008
  • Publisher: Karger
  • Country: United Kingdom
When the results from electrophysiological studies of renal epithelial cells are combined with data from in vivo tubule microperfusion experiments and immunohistochemical surveys of the nephron, the accumulated evidence suggests that ATP-gated ion channels, P2X receptors, play a specialized role in the regulation of ion and water movement across the renal tubule and are integral to electrolyte and fluid homeostasis. In this short review, we discuss the concept of P2X receptors as regulators of salt and water salvage pathways, as well as acknowledging their accepted role as ATP-gated ion channels.
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