Electrorheological properties of polypyrrole prepared by the action of mineral acids on pyrrole

Article English OPEN
Teare, G. C. ; Ratcliffe, N. M. (1996)

Polypyrrole was prepared in high yield by the polymerisation of pyrrole in strongly acidic conditions using hydrofluoric, hydrochloric (at 20 °C and 100 °C), hydrobromic, nitric and orthophosphoric acids. The polymer products incorporated significant amounts of the anion from the acid used. The particulate morphology of the polymer products chiefly consisted of agglomerated µm-sized spheres. The rheological properties of dispersions of polymers prepared from pyrrole using hydrochloric and hydrobromic acids, suspended in 1-chloronaphthalene–l-bromonaphthalene, were found to be electric-field dependent. Fluids prepared from the polypyrrole products derived from hydrofluoric, nitric and orthophosphoric acids did not exhibit an electrorheoloeical response.
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