Spatial algebraic solitons at the Dirac point in optically induced nonlinear photonic lattices

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Xie, Kang; Boardman, Allan D.; Li, Qian; Shi, Zhiwei; Jiang, Haiming; Xia, Hongyan; Hu, Zhijia; Zhang, Junxi; Zhang, Wei; Mao, Qiuping; Hu, Lei; Yang, Tianyu; Wen, Fei; Wang, Erlei;
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    arxiv: Physics::Optics | Nonlinear Sciences::Pattern Formation and Solitons

The discovery of a new type of soliton occurring in periodic systems is reported. This type of nonlinear excitation exists at a Dirac point of a photonic band structure, and features an oscillating tail that damps algebraically. Solitons in periodic systems are localize... View more
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