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Analytical solutions for semiconductor luminescence including Coulomb correlations with applications to dilute bismides

Oriaku, C. I.; Pereira, Mauro;
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  • Published: 11 Jan 2017
  • Publisher: Optical Society of America
  • Country: United Kingdom
In this paper we introduce analytical solutions of interband polarization, which is the self-energy of the Dyson equation for the photon Green’s functions, and apply them to studying photoluminescence of Coulomb-correlated semiconductor materials. The accuracy of the easily programmable solutions is proven by consistently demonstrating the low-temperature s-shape of the luminescence peak of dilute bismide semiconductors. The different roles of homogeneous versus inhomogeneous broadening at low and high temperatures are described, as well as the importance of many body effects, which are in very good agreement with experiments.
arXiv: Condensed Matter::Mesoscopic Systems and Quantum Hall EffectCondensed Matter::OtherCondensed Matter::Materials Science
free text keywords: Atomic and Molecular Physics, and Optics, Statistical and Nonlinear Physics, Condensed matter physics, Quantum mechanics, Luminescence, Semiconductor, business.industry, business, Refractive index, Physics, Semiconductor laser theory, Coulomb, Polarization (waves), Photoluminescence, Photon
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