Coupled RANS-LPT modelling of dilute, particle-laden flow in a duct with a 90° bend

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Njobuenwu, DO ; Fairweather, M ; Yao, J (2013)
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    arxiv: Physics::Fluid Dynamics

A dilute, particle-laden flow in a square duct with a 90° bend is modelled using a RANS approach, coupled to a second-moment turbulence closure, together with a Lagrangian particle tracking technique, with particle dispersion modelled using a stochastic approach that ensures turbulence anisotropy. Detailed predictions of mean and fluctuating fluid and particle velocities are validated through comparisons of predictions with experimental measurements made for gas-solid flows in a vertical-to-horizontal flow configuration. Reasonable agreement between predicted first and second moments and data is found for both phases, with the consistent application of anisotropic and three-dimensional modelling approaches resulting in predictions that compare favourably with those of other authors, and which provide fluctuating particle velocities in acceptable agreement with data.
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