Response to Being Informed of Weight Status and Body Fat Composition: Understandings, Reactions and Motivations to Achieve a Healthy Weight

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Wyke, S. ; Hunt, K. ; Anderson, A.S. ; Benzeval, M. ; Gray, C.M. ; Cancer Research UK
  • Publisher: Cancer Research UK
  • References (2)

    (2) Renehan AG, Soerjomataram I, Tyson M, Egger M, Zwahlen M, Coebergh JW, et al., 2010. Incident Cancer Burden Attributable to Excess Body Mass Index in 30 European Countries. International Journal of Cancer, 126(3), 692-702.

    6 (If appropriate) Have you ever been given weight management advice by anyone? If so, who? What terms were used? What was your reaction to these terms?

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    Scottish Health Survey, 2008 (2016)
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