Clouds, aerosols, and precipitation in the marine boundary layer: an ARM Mobile Facility Deployment

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Wood, Robert; Wyant, Matthew; Bretherton, C. S.; Remilliard, J.; Kollais, P.; Fletcher, J.; Stemmler, J.; De Szoeke, S.; Yuter, S.; Miller, M.; Mechem, D.; Tselioudis, G.; Chiu, J. Christine; Mann, Julian A. L.; O'Connor, Ewan; Hogan, Robin; Dong, X.; Miller, M.; Ghate, V.; Jefferson, A.; Min, Qilong; Minnis, P.; Palikonda, R.; Albrecht, B.; Luke, Ed; Hannay, C.; Lin, Y.;

The Clouds, Aerosol, and Precipitation in the Marine Boundary Layer (CAP-MBL) deployment at Graciosa Island in the Azores generated a 21-month (April 2009–December 2010) comprehensive dataset documenting clouds, aerosols, and precipitation using the Atmospheric Radiatio... View more
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