Structured cases in case-based reasoning: re-using and adapting cases for time-tabling problems

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Burke, Edmund ; MacCarthy, Bart L. ; Petrovic, Sanja ; Qu, Rong (2000)

In this paper, we present a case-based reasoning (CBR) approach solving educational time-tabling problems. Following the basic idea behind CBR, the solutions of previously solved problems are employed to aid finding the solutions for new problems. A list of feature-value pairs is insufficient to represent all the necessary information. We show that attribute graphs can represent more information and thus can help to retrieve re-usable cases that have similar structures to the new problems. The case base is organised as a decision tree to store the attribute graphs of solved problems hierarchically. An example is given to illustrate the retrieval, re-use and adaptation of structured cases. The results from our experiments show the effectiveness of the retrieval and adaptation in the proposed method.
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