Herschel observations of star-forming regions from the HOBYS programme

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Rayner, Thomas
  • Subject: QB | QC

This thesis presents three higher-mass star forming regions (Mon R1, Mon R2 and\ud NGC 2264) as observed by Herschel, and also the JCMT (SCUBA-2), and the IRAM\ud 30-m telescope, with additional data from the Spitzer and WISE archives. The Herschel\ud observations, using the SPIRE and PACS instruments over a range of 70 m{500 m,\ud were taken as part of the HOBYS Key Programme, and the data were reduced using\ud the HIPE mapmaking environment with sources identified and characterised by the get-\ud sources routine. The Herschel observations cover the peaks of cold dust SEDs, allowing\ud robust estimates of mass and temperature to be made.\ud Comparisons of the Herschel observations of the three regions suggest a picture\ud of star formation in which the densest parts of certain molecular clouds can accrete\ud matter via filaments from the surrounding regions, fuelling far more star formation\ud than occurs in the outer regions. My study of these regions has led to the potential\ud classification of two separate regimes of star formation. The �first occurs in �filamentary\ud regions (generally observed with a column density of 3 � 1021 cm
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