Comparison of planted soil infiltration systems for treatment of log yard runoff

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Hedmark, A ; Scholz, M ; Aronsson, P ; Elowson, T

Treatment of log yard runoff is required to avoid\ud contamination of receiving watercourses. The research aim was to assess\ud if infiltration of log yard runoff through planted soil systems is successful\ud and if different plant species affect the treatment performance at a fieldscale\ud experimental site in Sweden (2005 to 2007). Contaminated runoff\ud from the log yard of a sawmill was infiltrated through soil planted with\ud Alnus glutinosa (L.) Ga¨rtner (common alder), Salix schwerinii3viminalis\ud (willow variety ‘‘Gudrun’’), Lolium perenne (L.) (rye grass), and Phalaris\ud arundinacea (L.) (reed canary grass). The study concluded that there were\ud no treatment differences when comparing the four different plants with\ud each other, and there also were no differences between the tree and the\ud grass species. Furthermore, the infiltration treatment was effective in\ud reducing total organic carbon (55%) and total phosphorus (45%)\ud concentrations in the runoff, even when the loads on the infiltration\ud system increased from year to year.
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