Differing perspectives of order and control: In a UK retail store's performance appraisal scheme.

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O'Brien, Rona Mary.;
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The thesis is concerned with the differing perspectives of order and control within a retail store's performance appraisal scheme. The methodology used in the collection and presentation of the empirical information is based on the work of Berger and Luckmann (1966). Th... View more
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    4.1 Introduction

    4.2 The Empirical Setting: The Store 4.2.1 Changes in Ownership

    4.3 A Short History o f Performance Appraisal

    4.4 The Store's Performance Appraisal Scheme 4.4.1 The Extent and Purpose of Performance Appraisal 4.4.2 The Appraisal Interview and Documentation 4.4.3 Use and Disclosure o f Appraisal Documentation 4.4.4 Performance Measurement and Reward 4.4.5 The Future

    4.5 Conclusion

    1) State th e purpose of appraisal documentation and t h e areas covered. " T o f<ZCcrT<3- b l U /2S1 A -tS . c H s , c o Q SX C *- p ( j x ^ s ,

    2) When should documentation be completed? ^ \< A f - T r v j T o e t o

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