Scenarios for the development of smart grids in the UK: literature review

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Xenias, Dimitrios ; Axon, Colin ; Balta-Ozkan, Nazmiye ; Cipcigan, Liana Mirela ; Connor, Peter ; Davidson, Rosemary ; Spence, Alexa ; Taylor, Gary ; Whitmarsh, Lorraine E. (2014)
  • Publisher: UKERC
  • Subject: BF | TK | H1 | UOWABE | T1 | TA

Smart grids are expected to play a central role in any transition to a low-carbon energy future, and much research is currently underway on practically every area of smart grids. However, it is evident that even basic aspects such as theoretical and operational definitions, are yet to be agreed upon and be clearly defined. Some aspects (efficient management of supply, including intermittent supply, two-way communication between the producer and user of electricity, use of IT technology to respond to and manage demand, and ensuring safe and secure electricity distribution) are more commonly accepted than others (such as smart meters) in defining what comprises a smart grid.
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