"His spirit was given only to warre": conflict and identity in the Scottish Gàidhealtachd, c. 1580- c. 1630

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MacCoinnich, A. (2002)
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This article examines aspects of Highland or Gaelic Society in the decades immediately preceeding and following the Union of the Crowns of England with Scotland in 1603. It examines crown and crown-sanctioned commercial and colonial initiatives in the Highlands both before and after the union and how this impinged on patterns of feud and violence in the area. Many (but not all) of the inhabitants of the Highlands and Islands were deemed barbarous, uncivil, and fit for expropriation and colonisation. This essay focuses on how people in various localities in the Highlands, often regarded as a militarised society, reacted to and identified with the Scottish state and with the new British state after 1603.
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