How do Project Teams impact on project success, A case of Heathrow Terminal 2

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Samiullah, Jadoon (2013)

2013 dissertation for MSc in Project Management. Selected by academic staff as a good example of a masters level dissertation. \ud \ud TPurpose – The purpose of the research was to determine how do project teams impact on project success. \ud Although, there exists a plethora of organisational and project management literature on soft side of project management, but there is still need for more in-depth examination of those critical success factors which either drive the project towards successful completion or otherwise failure to attain desired outcome(s) of project(s). \ud Design/Methodology/Approach – To find out how do project teams impact on project success. This research study used structured questionnaire surveys to collect the responses from project teams currently, working on the Heathrow Terminal 2 project. \ud Findings – The findings of the study revealed that some of the variables predicted from other literatures (clear goals, leadership and senior management support, communication and motivation) were significantly linked to the outcomes of the project. However, some key success factors or some key drivers were not paid sufficient consideration. \ud Research Limitations/Implications – Limitations of the study included, for this research the data from 23 respondents from the project teams working on Heathrow Terminal 2 project was collected and analysed. This research can further be expanded to increase the size of data and diversity of participants. Further to this, the analysed factors for the study which significantly impacts project outcome(s) can vary from project to project; organisation to organisation and level of leadership. \ud Practical implications – The findings of the study suggest that effective management of personnel (project teams) can drive the project towards either successful completion or otherwise failure to attain goals/objectives of the project.\ud Originality/value – This research determines by exploring whether the effectively and efficiently managing the team practices are generic and impacts the project outputs positively or vice-versa.
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