Characterization of silicon nanowire by use of full-vectorial finite element method.

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Kejalakshmy, N. ; Agrawal, A. ; Aden, Y. ; Leung, D. M. ; Rahman, B. M. ; Grattan, K. T. V. (2010)

We have carried out a rigorous H-field-based full-vectorial modal analysis and used it to characterize, more accurately, the abrupt dielectric discontinuity of a high index contrast optical waveguide. The full-vectorial H and E fields and the Poynting vector profiles are described in detail. It has been shown through this work that the mode profile of a circular silicon nanowire is not circular and also contains a strong axial field component. The single-mode operation, vector field profiles, modal hybridness, modal ellipticity, and group velocity dispersion of this silicon nanowire are also presented.
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