Risk factors associated with becoming NEET’s: a review of the literature applied to the demographics of the Fenland area

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Akister, Jane ; Burch, Sarah ; Sadler, Katy (2011)

NEET is a government acronym for people currently "not in education, employment, or training". People under the designation are called NEETs (or Neets). In the United Kingdom, the classification comprises people aged between 16 and 24 (some 16-year-olds are still of compulsory school age); the subgroup of NEETs aged 16–18 is frequently of particular focus. The "NEET group" is not a uniform set of individuals.\ud This literature review explores some of the risk factors that are known to contribute towards NEET status in young people and looks at the interventions that have been implemented to address these risks. It also explores the specific demographics of Fenland in relation to NEET figures and offers an overview of the background and circumstances of young people and their families in that district which might be linked to the development of NEET status.
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