Metacognitions as mediators of gender identity-related anxiety

Article English OPEN
Fernie, Bruce A. ; Wright, Talen ; Caselli, Gabriele ; Nikcevic, Ana V. ; Spada, Marcantonio M (2017)

Objective: Research has found that the prevalence of psychological distress is substantially higher in transgender compared to cisgender populations. This study explored the role of metacognitions as mediators of anxiety in a sample comprising of cisgender and transgender individuals. Method: 125 individuals (19 trans-male; 24 male; 25 trans-female; 57 female) completed a series of measures that assessed metacognitions, worry, and anxiety. Results: Correlation analyses were used to identify potential mediators of the relationship between gender identity and anxiety. A mediation model indicated that beliefs about thoughts concerning uncontrollability and danger entirely mediated the relationship between gender identity and anxiety (b= 2.00, BCa CI [0.68, 3.49]). Conclusions: Metacognitions play an important role in anxiety in transgender individuals.
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