Using the plan-do-study-act model: Pacesetters experiences

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Moule, P. ; Evans, D. ; Pollard, K. (2012)

Purpose – Several evaluation tools can be used to test interventions. This article analytically reviews the Plan-Do-Study-Act (PDSA) model used in the Pacesetters national programme evaluation. \ud \ud Method - The evaluation team’s two-fold role is outlined: supporting project teams to develop PDSA plans and collecting overarching evaluation data. Four case studies are used to show the PDSA model’s application and effect in a participatory action learning approach. \ud \ud Limitations - Despite the limited cases presented, it is clear that all four studies illustrate the PDSA model’s potential benefits in a participatory evaluation approach, which involves public and patients.\ud \ud Findings - The model’s effective use is premised on several enabling factors such as: teams appreciating the model; a climate that values all learning and open to re-planning; timely engaging any external evaluators whose role is clearly communicated to all project stakeholders.\ud \ud Implications for research, practice and/or society - There are clear intentions to promote evidence-based commissioning in the UK that values patient and public involvement. The PDSA model analysed here suggests it has the potential to test and implement changes in real work-place settings and to involve the public in evaluation planning. \ud \ud Value - Case study analysis identifies new reflections on the PDSA model’s use to support innovative practice development in the NHS with public involvement in a participatory approach.
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