A 10 Mb/s visible light communication system using a low bandwidth polymer light-emitting diode

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Haigh, P.A. ; Bausi, F. ; Kanesan, T. ; Le, S.T. ; Rajbhandari, S. ; Ghassemlooy, Z. ; Papakonstantinou, I. ; Popoola, W.O. ; Burton, A. ; le Minh, H. ; Ellis, A.D. ; Cacialli, F. (2014)
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In this paper we experimentally demonstrate a 10 Mb/s error free visible light communications (VLC) system using polymer light-emitting diodes (PLEDs) for the first time. The PLED under test is a blue emitter with ∼600 kHz bandwidth. Having such a low bandwidth means the introduction of an intersymbol interference (ISI) induced penalty at higher transmission speeds and thus the requirement for an equalizer. In this work we improve on previous literature by implementing a decision feedback equalizer, rather than a linear equalizer. Considering 7% and 20% forward error correction codes, transmission speeds up to ∼12 Mb/s can be supported.
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