Evolution of elastic x-ray scattering in laser-shocked warm dense lithium

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Kugland, N. L. ; Gregori, G. ; Bandyopadhyay, S. ; Brenner, C. M. ; Brown, C. R. D. ; Constantin, C. ; Glenzer, S. H. ; Khattak, F. Y. ; Kritcher, A. L. ; Niemann, C. ; Otten, A. ; Pasley, J. ; Pelka, A. ; Roth, M. ; Spindloe, C. ; Riley, D. (2009)
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We have studied the dynamics of warm dense Li with near-elastic x-ray scattering. Li foils were heated and compressed using shock waves driven by 4-ns-long laser pulses. Separate 1-ns-long laser pulses were used to generate a bright source of 2.96 keV Cl Ly-alpha photons for x-ray scattering, and the spectrum of scattered photons was recorded at a scattering angle of 120 degrees using a highly oriented pyrolytic graphite crystal operated in the von Hamos geometry. A variable delay between the heater and backlighter laser beams measured the scattering time evolution. Comparison with radiation-hydrodynamics simulations shows that the plasma is highly coupled during the first several nanoseconds, then relaxes to a moderate coupling state at later times. Near-elastic scattering amplitudes have been successfully simulated using the screened one-component plasma model. Our main finding is that the near-elastic scattering amplitudes are quite sensitive to the mean ionization state Z and by extension to the choice of ionization model in the radiation-hydrodynamics simulations used to predict plasma properties within the shocked Li.
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