Speech-Act Theory

Other ORP type, Research English OPEN
Araki,Naoki (2018)
  • Publisher: 広島工業大学
  • Journal: 広島工業大学紀要. 研究編, volume 52, pages 1-5 (issn: 1346-9975)
  • Subject: constative | performative | infinite regress

J. L. Austin claims that to say something is to do something and divides all utterances into performative utterances (henceforth performatives) and constative utterances (henceforth constatives). Then, he endeavors to establish a criterion for distinguishing performatives and constatives, but he fails to do so. As a result, he abandons the criterion for separating utterances into performatives and constatives, and reaches a conclusion that all utterances are performatives. But his analysis of utterances causes an infinite regress, which means that his logic collapses.
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