Telematic practice and research discourses: Three practice-based research project case studies

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Sermon, P
  • Publisher: The University of Melbourne & Victorian College of the Arts and Music
  • Subject: N1 | other

This paper aims to open up the discussion around the production, documentation and preservation of telematic practice-based research in the interactive media arts. This reflects a timely research agenda that aims to have significant implications on the future of exhibiting and archiving the broad range of creative practice in this field. These fundamental research questions also have relevance across a number of practice based research fields including performance arts and the ephemeral nature of open-system interactive artworks. The objective of this paper is to propose research methods that will approach the question of how to accurately document and archive this transient creative practice that is so often reliant on its cultural and historic context. The preservation and documentation of this work is extremely problematic when we consider the innate issues of (dis)embodiment in relation to presence and intimacy, as experienced and performed in telematic and virtual environments. How can it become possible to reencounter a performance of dispersed and expanded bodies, multiple and interconnected identities, spectral representations and auras; in short, at hybrid bodies (/selves) made of flesh and digital technologies, and the intimate connections between them.
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