Social enterprise under New Labour and beyond: many good ideas with the potential to become a disaster

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Griffith, Jon (2012)
  • Publisher: University of East London, Centre for Institutional Studies

This essay began as a paper for a day of critical reflection, drawing on three sources - promotional material for 'Social Enterprise Day' in November 2006, the 'Social Enterprise Awards' in the same month, and ministerial statements - to illustrate some observations about a dominant view of social enterprise. The purpose of making this essay public in 2011is not simply to record a worry about the direction of an aspect of social policy in the United Kingdom during the second and third terms of the New Labour government (from 2001 onwards), but also to draw attention to the continuing relevance of the worry.
  • References (1) 061116_seap.asp#1(accessed 24 November 2006) Hinton lecture 2006 (Ed Miliband): (accessed 24 November 2006) NCVO (1999) 'Speech by the Prime Minister Tony Blair' available at (accessed September 2006) Scarman lecture 2006 (Cameron) (accessed 30 November 2006) Social Enterprise Day website: (accessed 24 November 2006)

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