The stable roommates problem with ties

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Irving, R. W. ; Manlove, D.F. (2002)

We study the variant of the well-known stable roommates problem in which participants are permitted to express ties in their preference lists. In this setting, more than one definition of stability is possible. Here we consider two of these stability criteria, so-called super-stability and weak stability. We present a linear–time algorithm for finding a super-stable matching if one exists, given a stable roommates instance with ties. This contrasts with the known NP-hardness of the analogous problem under weak stability. We also extend our algorithm to cope with preference lists that are incomplete and/or partially ordered. On the other hand, for a given stable roommates instance with ties and incomplete lists, we show that the weakly stable matchings may be of different sizes and the problem of finding a maximum cardinality weakly stable matching is NP-hard, though approximable within a factor of 2.
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