On ℓ-adic representations for a space of noncongruence cuspforms

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Hoffman, Jerome William ; Long, Ling ; Verrill, Helena (2012)

This paper is concerned with a compatible family of 4-dimensional ℓ-adic representations ρℓ of GQ := Gal(Q/Q) attached to the space of weight-3 cuspforms S3(Γ) on a noncongruence subgroup Γ ⊂ SL2(Z). For this representation we prove that:\ud \ud 1.\ud It is automorphic: the L-function L(s,ρℓ∨) agrees with the L-function for an automorphic form for GL4(AQ), where ρℓ∨ is the dual of ρℓ.\ud 2.\ud For each prime p≥5 there is a basis hp = {hp+, hp-} of S3(Γ) whose expansion coefficients satisfy 3-term Atkin and Swinnerton-Dyer (ASD) relations, relative to the q-expansion coefficients of a newform f of level 432. The structure of this basis depends on the class of p modulo 12.\ud The key point is that the representation ρℓ admits a quaternion multiplication structure in the sense of Atkin, Li, Liu, and Long.
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