Parental brain injury : children's relationships and the role of systemic family therapy

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Lloyd-Williams, Kathryn
  • Subject: BF | RC0321

The following thesis consists of three papers; a literature review, an empirical\ud paper and a reflective paper. The literature review summarises current knowledge regarding the efficacy of\ud systemic family therapy in neurorehabilitation. Studies investigating the impact\ud of brain injury on the family suggest that all family members should be included\ud in their injured relatives’ rehabilitation programme due to the risk of developing\ud relational difficulties. In view of this, family therapy has become increasingly\ud popular amongst Clinical Psychologists and other professionals working in\ud neurorehabilitation. This review aims to critically evaluate the efficacy of\ud systemic family therapy within neurorehabilitation. Methodological\ud considerations and implications for future research are discussed, as well as\ud clinical and service implications.\ud The empirical paper explores changes in children’s relationships when a parent\ud acquires a brain injury. The findings of the study highlight the positive and\ud negative changes children experience in their relationships as a result of their\ud parents’ acquired brain injury (ABI). Results are discussed in relation to the\ud current literature, consideration of the strengths and limitations of the research,\ud clinical implications and recommendations for future research.\ud The reflective paper discusses the researcher’s own experience of carrying out\ud the research. The researcher utilised the ‘Heartstrings’ activity used in the\ud empirical study to help them reflect on changes in their relationships throughout\ud the research process.
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