Selection of Decentralised Control Structures: Structural Methodologies and Diagnostics

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Karcanias, N. ; Leventides, J. ; Milonidis, E. ; Meintanis, I. (2016)

The paper aims at formulating an integrated approach for the selection of decentralized control structures using a number of structural criteria aiming at facilitating the design of decentralised control schemes. This requires the selection of decentralisation structure that will allow the generic solvability of a variety of decentralised control problems, such as pole assignment by decentralised output feedback. The approach is based on the use of necessary and sufficient conditions for generic solvability and exact solvability of decentralised control problems. The generic solvability conditions lead to characterisations of inputs and outputs channel partitions. The exact solvability conditions use criteria on avoiding the presence of fixed modes, as well as necessary conditions for pole assignment, expressed in terms of properties of Plϋcker invariants and Markov type matrices. The structural approach provides a classification of desirable input and output partitions based on structural criteria and it is embedded in an overall framework that may involve aspects related to large scale design.
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