Quantitative microstructure characterization of Ag nanoparticle sintered joints for power die attachment

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Wang, Yun ; Li, Jianfeng ; Agyakwa, Pearl ; Johnson, Christopher Mark ; Li, Shuguang (2014)

The samples of sintered Ag joints for power die attachments were prepared using paste of Ag nanoparticles at 240 °C and 5 MPa for 3 to 17 minutes. Their microstructural features were quantitatively characterized with scanning elec-tronic microscopy, transmission electron microscopy, X-ray diffraction and image analysis method. The resulting nor-malized thickness, pore size and porosity decreased, and grain size increased with increasing the sintering time. A time dependence of the form t1/n with n close to 2 or 3 can be further derived for the kinetics of the thinning, densification and grain growth within the sintered Ag joints.
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