Large Eddy Simulation of flow and tracer transport in multichamber ozone contactors

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Kim, Dongjin ; Kim, Doo-Il ; Kim, Jae-Hong ; Stoesser, Thorsten (2010)

Three-dimensional numerical analyses of flow and transport characteristics in two representative multichamber ozone contactor models with different chamber width were conducted using large eddy simulation (LES). Both time-averaged and instantaneous flow patterns suggest that the flow is characterized by the occurrence of large turbulent structures leading to extensive short-circuiting between chambers and internal recirculation inside the chambers. The flow is also found to be highly three-dimensional, as secondary vortices and recirculation zones develop. The simulation results further suggest that the hydrodynamics in ozone contactors can be improved by reducing the chamber width. The results of the LES are qualitatively verified using previously reported tracer test results obtained from laboratory experiments. The LES technique, applied to the ozone contactor flow and transport of a tracer for the first time, is expected to serve as a powerful tool for existing reactor flow diagnosis, reactor retrofitting as well as for new reactor design.
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