Majority adder implementation by competing patterns in life-like rule B2/S2345

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Martinez, G. J. ; Morita, K. ; Adamatzky, A. ; Margenstern, M. (2010)
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    arxiv: Computer Science::Hardware Architecture | Computer Science::Emerging Technologies
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In this paper we present a two-dimensional chaotic cellular automaton, the Life rule B2/S2345, able to simulate the action of an adder with majority gates, stimulated by gliders collisions transformed as competing patterns. Values of Boolean variables are encoded into two types of patterns --- symmetric (FALSE) and asymmetric (TRUE) patterns -- which compete for the `empty' space when propagate in the channels. We construct basic logical gates and elementary arithmetical circuits by simulating logical signals with gliders reaction propagating geometrically restricted by stationary non-destructible still life. Therefore an implementation of universal logical gates and a majority binary adder is constructed
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