Novel bis (pyrazol-3-yl) ligands. their synthesis and coordination chemistry

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Davies, Emyr Daniel
  • Subject: QD

This thesis describes studies into the development of new bis(pyrazol-3-yl) ligands including our studies into their coordination chemistry. Chapter 1 is a brief introduction to chelating ligands based on heterocycles and outlines specifically looks at poly(pyrazole-l-yl) ligands as well as the few bis(pyrazole-3-yl) ligands publishes to date. Chapter 2 looks at the traditional synthetic routes to bis(pyrazol-3-yl) ligands and describes how we have manipulated these techniques to synthesise some novel ligands of our own. Chapter 3 includes a study of the transition metal coordination chemistry of our novel ligands. The coordination chemistry has proven to be diverse with the same ligand showing a capability to form monomers, dimers, polymers and form complexes as a neutral or anionic species. Chapter 4 investigates the potential for our novel ligands to form ternary copper (II) complexes, incorporating some novel tripodal oxygen ligands instead of the traditional acetyiacetone (acac) derivatves. Chapter 5 describes the coordination chemistry of a ligand formed as a by product of those described in chapter 2. 23A7-tetramethyM,5-dia (pyrazol-3-yl) is a flexible pyrazole based ligand and here we describe some transition metal complexes.
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