Delivering improved nutrient stewardship in China: the knowledge, attitudes and practices of farmers and advisers

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Smith, Laurence ; Siciliano, Giuseppina ; Inman, A. ; Rahn, C. ; Bellarby, J. ; Surridge, B. ; Haygarth, P. ; Xin, L. ; Guilong, Z. ; Ji, L. ; Zhou, J. ; Meng, F. ; Burke, S. (2015)
  • Publisher: UK-China Sustainable Agricultural Innovation Network (SAIN)
  • Subject: 8690 | 3902

There is a need to assess and re-orient agricultural knowledge and innovation systems (AKIS) in China, aiming to rebalance the importance of productivity alongside the stewardship of farm inputs, natural resources and broader protection of the environment; a new ethos is needed. Analysis and recommendations for this are provided.
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