Personalised trails and learner profiling within e-learning environments

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Keenoy, K. ; de Freitas, Sara ; Levene, Mark ; Jones, A. ; Brasher, A. ; Waycott, J. ; Kaszas, P. ; Turcsanyi-Szabo, M. ; Montandon, L. (2004)
  • Publisher: Kaleidoscope
  • Subject: csis

This deliverable focuses on personalisation and personalised trails. We begin by introducing and defining the concepts of personalisation and personalised trails. Personalisation requires that a user profile be stored, and so we assess currently available standard profile schemas and discuss the requirements for a profile to support personalised learning. We then review techniques for providing personalisation and some systems that implement these techniques, and discuss some of the issues around evaluating personalisation systems. We look especially at the use of learning and cognitive styles to support personalised learning, and also consider personalisation in the field of mobile learning, which has a slightly different take on the subject, and in commercially available systems, where personalisation support is found to currently be only at quite a low level. We conclude with a summary of the lessons to be learned from our review of personalisation and personalised trails.
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