Depth profile and lattice location analysis of Sb atoms in Si/Sb(-doped)/Si(001) structures using medium-energy ion scattering spectroscopy

Article English OPEN
Kobayashi, T. ; McConville, C. F. (Chris F.) ; Dorenbos, G. ; Iwaki, M. ; Aono, M. (1999)

Medium-energy coaxial impact-collision ion scattering spectroscopy has been used to study the depth profile and lattice location of Sb atoms in Si/Sb(delta-doped)/Si(001) structures prepared by solid phase epitaxy. The Sb atoms are observed to diffuse into the Si capping layer at concentrations much higher than the solubility limit in a Si crystal. In addition, the concentration of diffused Sb atoms does not show a monotonic decrease with increasing distance from the delta-layer plane. The lattice locations of the diffused Sb atoms are found to be strongly dependent on the distance from the location of the original Sb delta layer.
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