Numerical simulations on the ERICA tiltrotor

Article English OPEN
Jimenez Garcia, Antonio ; Barakos, George N. (2017)

This paper presents aerodynamic calculations of the model-scale ERICA tiltrotor with high-fidelity\ud computational fluid dynamics. The aim of this work is to assess the capability of the present CFD\ud method in predicting airloads on the tiltrotor at different flight configurations. In this regard, three\ud representative flight configurations of the ERICA were selected, corresponding to aeroplane, transi-\ud tion corridor, and helicopter modes, covering most modes of tiltrotor flight. The rotor blades were fully\ud resolved and the use of a uniform and non-uniform actuator disk was also put forward to quantify the\ud effect of the rotor on the fuselage loads. A fundamental investigation of the effect of the aerodynamic\ud interference between the rotor and wing of the tiltwing aircraft is also shown. The employed CFD\ud method was able to capture the aerodynamics of the different configurations and the overall agree-\ud ment obtained with the experimental data demonstrates the capability of the present CFD method in\ud accurately predict tiltrotor flows.
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