Fuzzy adaptive parameter control of a late acceptance hyper-heuristic

Unknown, Conference object English OPEN
Jackson, Warren G. ; Özcan, Ender ; John, Robert I. (2014)

A traditional iterative selection hyper-heuristic which manages a set of low level heuristics relies on two core components, a method for selecting a heuristic to apply at a given point, and a method to decide whether or not to accept the result of the heuristic application. In this paper, we present an initial study of a fuzzy system to control the list-size parameter of late- acceptance move acceptance method as a selection hyper-heuristic component. The performance of the fuzzy controlled selection hyper-heuristic is compared to its fixed parameter version and the best hyper-heuristic from a competition on the MAX-SAT problem domain. The results illustrate that a fuzzy control system can potentially be effective within a hyper-heuristic improving its performance.
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