A Triangular Periodic Table of Elementary Circuit Elements

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Wang, Frank Z. (2013)

Chua proposed an Elementary Circuit Element\ud Quadrangle including the three classic elements (resistor, inductor,\ud and capacitor) and his formulated, named memristor as\ud the fourth element. Based on an observation that this quadrangle\ud may not be symmetric, I proposed an Elementary Circuit Element\ud Triangle, in which memristor as well as mem-capacitor and mem-inductor lead three basic element classes, respectively. An intrinsic mathematical relationship is found to support this new classification. It is believed that this triangle is concise, mathematically\ud sound and aesthetically beautiful, compared with Chua’s quadrangle. The importance of finding a correct circuit element table is similar to that of Mendeleev’s periodic table of chemical elements in chemistry and the table of 61 elementary particles in physics, in terms of categorizing the existing elements and predicting new elements. A correct circuit element table would also request to rewrite the 20th century textbooks.
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