Human response to vibration in residential environments, technical report 1 : measurement of vibration exposure

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Peris, E ; Sica, G ; Woodcock, JS ; Koziel, Z ; Elliott, AS ; Venegas Castillo, RG ; Moorhouse, AT ; Waddington, DC
  • Publisher: Defra
  • Subject: built_and_human_env

The Technical Report 1 describes the research undertaken to develop a method by which human exposure to vibration in residential environments can be assessed. That work has been carried out by the University of Salford supported by the Department of environment food and rural affairs (Defra). The overall aim of the project is to derive exposure-response relationships for human vibration in residential environments. This document in particular focuses on the equipment and methodology employed to measure vibration from different sources.\ud The main objective of this report is to describe the practical experience of implementing a vibration measurement protocol. Reported here are findings obtained in the field measurements and a description of a feasible method for measuring vibration for different sources. In addition, controlled tests performed to determine the suitability of the vibration mounting for various practical situations are reported.
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