Characterisation of porous solids using small-angle scattering and NMR cryoporometry

Article English OPEN
Dore, John C. ; Webber, J. Beau W. ; Strange, John H. (2004)

The characteristics of several porous systems have been studied by the use of small-angle neutron scattering [SANS] and nuclear magnetic resonance [NMR] techniques. The measurements reveal different characteristics for sol-gel silicas, activated carbons and ordered mesoporous silicas of the MCM and SBA type. Good agreement is obtained between gas adsorption measurements and the NMR and SANS results for pore sizes above 10 nm. Recent measurements of the water/ice phase transformation in SBA silicas by neutron diffraction are also presented and indicate a complex relationship that will require more detailed treatment in terms of the possible effects of microporosity in the silica substrate. The complementarity of the different methods is emphasised and there is brief discussion of issues related to possible future developments.
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