Ion-induced nucleation of pure biogenic particles

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Kirkby, J; Duplissy, J; Sengupta, K; Frege, C; Gordon, H; Williamson, C; Heinritzi, M; Simon, M; Yan, C; Almeida, J; Trostl, J; Nieminen, T; Ortega, IK; Wagner, R; Adamov, A; Amorim, A; Bernhammer, AK; Bianchi, F; Breitenlechner, M; Brilke, S; Chen, X; Craven, J; Dias, A; Ehrhart, S; Flagan, RC; Franchin, A; Fuchs, C; Guida, R; Hakala, J; Hoyle, CR; ... view all 76 authors
  • Publisher: Nature Publishing Group

Atmospheric aerosols and their effect on clouds are thought to be important for anthropogenic radiative forcing of the climate, yet remain poorly understood. Globally, around half of cloud condensation nuclei originate from nucleation of atmospheric vapours. It is thoug... View more
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