Tapered hygo-thermally curvature-stable laminates with non-standard ply orientations

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York, C.B. (2013)

Stacking sequence configurations for hygro-thermally curvature-stable (HTCS) laminates have recently been identified in nine unique classes of coupled laminate with standard ply angle orientations +45, −45, 0 and 90°. All arise from the judicious re-alignment of the principal material axis of laminate classes with Bending-Twisting and/or Bending-Extension and Twisting-Shearing coupling; where off-axis material alignment of these parent classes gives rise to distinctly different mechanical coupling behaviour. However, for standard ply angle orientations, HTCS solutions were found in only 8-, 12-, 16- and 20-ply laminates. \ud This article considers non-standard ply angle orientations +60, −60, 0 and 90°, which lead to solutions in all ply number groupings for 10 plies and above, thus offering a possibility for ply terminations and hence tapered HTCS laminate designs.
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