Fermion flavour observables : renormalisation invariants and model building using discrete symmetries

Doctoral thesis English OPEN
Rama, Krishnan
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    arxiv: High Energy Physics::Phenomenology | High Energy Physics::Experiment

We very briefly review the current status of flavour physics with much of the\ud emphasis on the experimental and the theoretical aspects of neutrino oscillations.\ud Later we move on to study flavour symmetric constraints among observables like the\ud Koide formula and present a novel speculation in this context. Our research on the\ud renormalisation evolution of flavour symmetric observables leads us to the discovery\ud of exact one-loop evolution invariants in the Standard Model. Then we shift our\ud attention towards model building. We construct a model based on the discrete\ud group C3 x C3 x C3 and successfully describe the flavour physics in the leptonic\ud sector including the recent observation of non-zero mixing angle 013. Here both\ud the charged-lepton and the neutrino mass matrices have a common circulant-plusdiagonal\ud form. Later we use the previously published “Simplest Neutrino" texture\ud as the starting point to construct another model based on the discrete group S4.\ud We redefine the flavour basis in a non-standard way and use the “u-t" rotated basis\ud of S4 in model building. Like in the previous model, here also we use the recent\ud experimental data for fitting and make predictions.
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