The Dhāraṇī of Mahāvyutpatti #748: Origin and Formation

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Pagel, Ulrich (2007)

This paper aims to identify the sources of a list of twelve dhāraṇīs included in Rubric 748 of the Mahāvyutpatti. It produces evidence connecting this group with three similar dhāraṇī enumerations transmittted in the Ratnamegha, Tathāgataguṇajñānācintyaviṣayāvatāranirdeśa and Tathāgatamahākaruṇānirdeśa. The exposition of\ud the Tathāgatamahākaruṇānirdeśa is particularly valuable since it preserves one of the earliest and most detailed discussions of dhāraṇī practice in Mahāyāna sūtras.\ud The Ratnamegha is closest to the Mahāvyutpatti and thus the most likely source for its list.
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