Amplitude response of a unilaterally constrained nonlinear micromechanical resonator

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Wei, X. ; Bizzarri, Federico ; Anthony, Carl ; Ward, M. ; Lowe, David (2012)

Dynamical systems that involve impacts frequently arise in engineering. This Letter reports a study of such a system at microscale that consists of a nonlinear resonator operating with an unilateral impact. The microresonators were fabricated on silicon-on-insulator wafers by using a one-mask process and then characterised by using the capacitively driving and sensing method. Numerical results concerning the dynamics of this vibro-impact system were verified by the experiments. Bifurcation analysis was used to provide a qualitative scenario of the system steady-state solutions as a function of both the amplitude and the frequency of the external driving sinusoidal voltage. The results show that the amplitude of resonant peak is levelled off owing to the impact effect and that the bandwidth of impacting is dependent upon the nonlinearity and the operating conditions.
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