The curves not carried

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Gadre, Vaibhav ; Schleimer, Saul (2014)
  • Publisher: European Mathematical Society
  • Related identifiers: doi: 10.4171/GGD/382
  • Subject: QA | 57M99 (Primary), 30F60, 20F65 (Secondary) | Mathematics - Geometric Topology
    arxiv: Mathematics::Geometric Topology

Suppose $\tau$ is a train track on a surface $S$. Let $C(\tau)$ be the set of isotopy classes of simple closed curves carried by $\tau$. Masur and Minsky [2004] prove $C(\tau)$ is quasi-convex inside the curve complex $C(S)$. We prove the complement, $C(S) - C(\tau)$, is quasi-convex.
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