Sales Forecasting as a Service - A Cloud based Pluggable E-Commerce Data Analytics Service

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Aulkemeier, F ; Daukuls, R ; Iacob, M-E ; Boter, J ; Van Hillegersberg, J ; De Leeuw, S (2016)

Data analysts are increasingly important for companies to extract critical information from their vast amount of data in order to be competitive. Data analytics specialists or data scientists develop statistical models and make use of dedicated software components for example to categorize products and forecast future sales. Their unique skill set is among the most sought after in the current job market. Cloud computing on the other hand helps companies to acquire services in the cloud and share the required expertise for delivery among service users. In this paper we take a cross disciplinary approach to develop a data analytics technique and a platform based IT architecture that allows to outsource sales forecasting analytics into the cloud.
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