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Angell, S ; Ashby, T ; Bach-Holzer, R ; Bealby, A ; Bosshard, A ; Cleasby, N ; Croxton, C ; Freeman, PA ; Gillan, D ; Greene, C ; Hilbourne, A ; Holmes, R ; Hunmphrey, AJ ; Irwin, B ; Jackson, S ; Lyon, J ; Martin, S ; Reddaway, C ; Ryan, G ; Scrivens, G ; Sington-Williams, A ; Smith, MR ; Starkey, P
  • Publisher: Bridge House
  • Subject: P | mem_text_and_place

There’s always something a bit scary about a ghost story. Somehow, though, when you read a collection of them you’re expecting to meet a spook or two. It takes a little more effort to frighten the reader. \ud We hope we’ve managed to do just that with this bunch of tales and our striking cover. We hope as well you’ll find the stories as different from each other as they are from the normal ghost story. \ud You’ll come across some old friends amongst the authors in this volume. Bridge House is beginning to es-tablish a brand and we have several writers now who have the measure of what we’re looking for. You’ll also meet some new names and writing styles. We’re sure both will please. \ud And now to the ghosts…. They too have a life of their own … precisely drawn by our authors. It’s that time of year isn’t it? When the nights are getting longer, the days are getting shorter, when strange shadows lurk and you begin to hear noises you don’t understand. We have traditional ghosts, more subtle ghosts, naughty ghosts, nice ghost, nasty ghost and in one or two of our stories it’s a little difficult to work out who is haunting whom. \ud Stoke up the fire, sit back, enjoy and prepare to be:\ud \ud \ud Spooked!
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